VBC Racing


The first race of the 2013 Belgian championship took place at the Lovan racing track in Zarren. The indoor track featured many technical areas and a fast layout. Defending champion Olivier Bultynck took TQ with his new VBC Racing Wildfire in front of Thomas Stockman and Nick Joosens. Gerrit van Swijgenhoven took a very good fourth on the grid. The first final saw a very close battle between Olivier and Thomas. Nick was just behind in third place. Olivier made no mistake and Thomas chased him hard but Olivier was able to open a gap and took the win. Thomas came in second in front of Nick and Gerrit. The second final again saw a win of Olivier after Thomas made a mistake in lap six. Meanwhile Nick climbed up to second place and encountered a lot of pressure from Thomas. The latter than touched the second placed but waited until Nick recovered. For the remainder of the final Nick was able to stay in second place with Thomas taking third place. Gerrit managed to take fourth in front of Manuel Henriet. The third final would be the decider for second place. Olivier also raced the last final as he wanted to learn his new car better. Olivier again took off and grabbed the win with the fastest time of the day. Thomas again was very fast and secured a second place. Nick came in third with Gerrit in fourth just in front of Manuel. The overall result saw  Olivier Bultynck (VBC racing) taking the win with€“ Thomas Stockman (Xray) in secede and€“ Nick Joosens (Yokomo) in third.

Written by VBC Crew — April 23, 2013