VBC Racing

FF17 Belt Drive Differential Set D-05-VBC-0274

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Package contains: -

A-03-VBC-2005 Gear Diff Housing 1
A-03-VBC-2006 Gear Diff Pulley 39T 1
A-03-VBC-0018 Diff Gear 10T 4
A-03-VBC-0019 Diff Gear 18T 2
A-03-VBC-0020 Diff Gear Shaft 1
B-02-VBC-0099 Lightweight Hardened Gear Diff Cup 2
B-03-VBC-0004 Seal Gasket 1
B-03-VBC-0006 Diff Shaft Sealer O-Ring 2
B-03-VBC-0005 Diff Housing Sealer O-Ring 1
C-02-SC-F2.6x10 M2.6x10 Flathead Screw 5
B-02-VBC-0020 M2x10 Shaft Pin 2
B-02-VBC-0077 15x0.3mm Shim 2
B-02-VBC-0078 9.5x0.2mm Shim 4


* This is FF17 Belt Drive Differential replacement part. D-05-VBC-0271 is the actual conversion kit converting standard gear drive to belt drive.