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Lightning10-235 1/10 235mm Pan Car Kit D-05-VBC-CK11

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VBC racing introduce the Lightning10 235mm pan car kit, VBC racing's latest development for the ultra high speed 1/10 235mm pan car market.åÊ

Made with high grade carbon fiber materials, lightweight 7075 aluminum alloy, high strength composite materials.

With unique features like ultra short 7075 aluminum drive hub, big bore center shocks, multi location side spring, optional Brass Balance Weight with multiple mounting location, optional fan mount, etc. Makes the VBC racing Lightning10 235mm kit highly tunable for different tracking condition to suit different driving style.


2.5mm light weight carbon fiber chassis with slot for optional brass weight

Low profile adjustable carbon fiber bumper with composite insert for crash protection

Fully adjustable Front end width, caster, active caster, camber, ride height

High strength 2.5mm carbon fiber front suspension plate with adjustable wheelbase

CNC 7075 aluminum alloy bulkhead, caster block and steering knuckle

Optional inline front axle

Included 2 type of servo mounts for mini or standard size servo

Carbon fiber adjustable rear shock mount

Ultra smooth TBB big bore shock

Adjustable composite lightweight battery mount for shorty or 1 cell batteries in forward or backward mounting position

Twin side damper for more consistence operation

Slop free composite materials side link and center pivot mount

Optional front spring and side spring for setup suit different track condition

2 mounting position for side spring for different racing condition

High strength CNC 7075 motor mount, rear axle mount and chassis brace mount.

Wide range rear height adjuster to suit wider rear tire diameter range.

Extra strong 3.5mm carbon fiber motor mount brace

Light weight short drive hub for wobble free high speed application

Ultra strong light weight carbon fiber main shaft

Rear pod with integrated fan mount

Over size rear pod for mounting brass weight for better weight distribution and tuning options (available separately)

*Wheels, tires, car body, pinion gears, batteries and electronics are not included.