VBC Racing

Lightning10 LM 1/10 world endurance kit D-05-VBC-CK12

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Welcome the world of exciting endurance racing!  The New VBC Racing Lightning 10 LM is base on the successful Lightning series pan car platform. With simple, durable design yet highly tunable to suit different track condition.  Kit includes highly detailed body, BSR racing spec 1/10 pan car foam tires. A true scale racer out of the box.




- Lightweight 7075 aluminum alloy parts

- Durable Fiberglass chassis and suspension components

- Strong carbon fiber rear main shaft

- Accept normal 1/10 pan car tires

- Adjustable camber, caster, toe in/out for maximum performance

- Adjustable reactive caster to increase front grip yet improve stability

- Oil filled damper for adjustable damping, rebound, optional springs available separately

- Aluminum Alloy 7075 rear motor mount and bulkhead to increase stability and durability

- Full adjustable ride height

- Lightweight 7075 aluminum alloy drive hubs

- Impact resistance Fiberglass bumper

- Full line of tuning options available to suit different tracks

Kit includes realistic world endurance body, and BSR Racing foam tires