VBC Racing

LightningFX 1:10 Formula Car Kit D-05-VBC-CK16

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The latest VBC Racing LightningFX F1 kit.  Highly tunable with innovative features for different tracks and driving conditions.  Made with finest materials to ensure performance and reliability.



Reactive caster system with adjustable caster.  Industrial first upper arm length adjustable via shim to alter mid/exit steering.  Super steel high strength turnbuckles.  Adjustable wheel base 264/268mm without the needs for any extra parts.  Accurate Ackerman adjustment via ball raced 2 pieces steering ball crank.


Captured upper arm steel pin without the use for troublesome e-clips.  Adjustable caster via red spacers.  High strength carbon fiber lower arm.  High strength 7075 upper arm mount.


Inline or transversal battery placement.  7075 aluminum alloy shock mount with hard coated over size shock for reliable performance.  Progressive twin friction damper tube.  Over size rear pod for easy access for brushless motor.

High strength super steel turnbuckle.  Improve steel kingpin.

2 piece ball raced ball crank steering system.  Adjustable Ackerman via 2 piece steering system.  7075 alloy turnbuckles.


Progressive twin side damper tube.  Large surface area provide more linear feel with thinner damper oil.  Or use different damper oil for more progressive feel.

Super steel rear shaft.  Large range ride height adjustment for both rubber or foam tires.  Oversize ball diff with rubber supported diff ring for smooth and durable operation.


High strength composite steering block with steel wheel shaft.  Steel high strength kingpin.  Adjustable Ackerman setting.


Lightweight 7075 alloy diff hub with super steel end cap.  Adjustable wing mount for different wing and track condition.


High strength 7075 alloy axial mount.  With carbon fiber brace for accurate gear mesh and smooth operation.  Lightweight high quality carbon fiber wing mount with adjustable wing location.


2.5mm carbon fiber chassis.  Front and rear diffusers, wheels, tires, car body and electronics not included.