VBC Racing

WildFire Anti-Tweak Battery Mount D-05-VBC-0250

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Package contains: -

B-02-G31173 WildFire Battery Holder Front 1
B-02-G31174 WildFire Battery Holder Rear Cover 1
B-02-G31175 WildFire Battery Holder Rear Base 1
C-02-SC-R0304 M3x4 Roundhead Screw 1
C-02-SC-F0306 M3x6 Flathead Screw 2


Fits: WildFireD06/WildFireD07/WildFireD08

This new battery mount set eliminates the chassis tweak by wrapping the fiber tape under the battery instead of wrapping under the chassis. The rear mount has VBC Racing’s unique fine tune adjuster to fit different battery length.

* This item has been replaced by a newer version: Anti-Tweak Battery Mount V2 Set D0294