VBC Racing

WildFireD09 1:10 Touring Car Kit D-05-VBC-CK25

We are very pleased and excited to announce our newly redesigned, the most competitive chassis to date. The WildFireD09. 

The WildFireD09 is completely redesigned from ground up, with experts and professional drivers around the world testing and development has been started for a year. We thoroughly tested through different conditions, track layouts, different surfaces and from club to international races to gather important data to make this the most competitive chassis ever.

New features highlight:

- New suspension mounts geometry
- New bulkhead dimension, upper deck lowered by 2mm
- New drivetrain geometry
- New floating steering system with adjustable steering stopper
- New Upper-deck and chassis design for better chassis flex characteristic
- New upper camber link mount with improved geometry
- New LCG shock tower design
- New rear hub composites and geometry
- New motor mount design with 5 points adustable chassis flex configurations
- New Center Isoflex Linkage (CIL) which maintins the left and right chassis roll but sti en the front and rear flex

- New LCG servo mount design
- Standard with - VBC Dynamics Stabiliser Link System
- SMJ Springs
- AXON Spur gear

Other standard features
- Full 100% USA Carbon Fiber, including front bumper top mount
- Yaiba Racing Japan front Double Universal Joint Shaft
- Composite X A-Arms, Steering Knuckles, Steering Blocks and new Rear Hub - AL7075-T6 Front Spool Shaft with durable spring steel front spool cups
- Lightweight AL7075-T6 Hex Wheel Hubs
- All AL7075-T6 Aluminium Parts
- Standard with hybrid oating servo mount
- Lightweight AL7075-T6 rear drive shaft and di cups
- Ball raced anti-roll bar system

The WildFireD09 before its official release, D09 prototype has already proven its performance by capturing these results:

- 2016 French Electric On-road Nationals Champion (Modified)
- 2016 Korean National Champion (Modified)
- 2016 AOC Korea 3rd (Modified)
- 2016 ETS Slovakia 4th (Modified)