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WildFireD09 Dynamics Edition 1:10 Touring Car Kit D-05-VBC-CK30

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We are very pleased to announce the WildFireD09 Dynamics Edition. This version is a full option version with 2 upper deck system and 2 chassis and it also packed with all the latest option parts which we used on most our drivers including Top 10 ETS VBC Racing drivers Yannic Pruemper and Lucas Urbain which help them to achieve remarkable results.

Below please find the options and new parts which includes in the kit: -


- NEW!!! WildFire D09 Dynamics Upper Deck - Refine upper deck chassis roll characteristic and sturdier design to prevent from breakage
- NEW!!! WildFire D09 Dynamics Rear Shock Tower- The shock mounting holes are lowered to achieve lower center gravity
- NEW!!! Universal Lightweight LCG Damper Retainer - Lightweight universal aluminium damper retainer which fits all our WildFire shocks 
- WildFireD09 Vertical Upper Deck Set D-05-VBC-0269
- WildFireD09 Aluminum 7075 Chassis B-02-G31311
- WildFireD09 Standard Graphite Chassis A-01-P31255
- LCG Center Balance Weight Set (12.5+18.5gm) D-05-VBC-0246
- WildFire Anti-Tweak Battery Mount D-05-VBC-0250
- WIldFireD09 Steering Chassis Mounted Post Set D-05-VBC-0270
- WildFireD09 8.6g Weight for Suspension Mount FR/RR C-02-G31319
- -0.5 Offset Hex Wheel Hub D-05-VBC-0263
- 2mm Carbon Center Isoflex Linkage (CIL) A-01-G31350
- Steering Block Composite X High Carbon Red A-03-G31384
- WildFire C-Hub Set Composite X High Carbon Red D-05-VBC-0264
- Rear 2-hole Upright Composite X High Carbon Red A-03-G31387
- WildFire Graphite Composite X  Suspension Arm Set Red D-05-VBC-0249

The kit is now available and quantities are limited.