VBC Racing

WildFireD09 Vertical Upper Deck Set D-05-VBC-0269

This is an alternative option for low traction tracks (asphalt or carpet) which provides higher chassis flex and yet turning is more linear than the standard setup.

Package contains: -

A01P31291 WildFireD09 Vertical Upper Deck 1
B02G31322 WildFireD09 Active Caster Mount Base 4
B02G31323 WildFireD09 Bridge Upper Deck Mount Post 2
B02G13124 M3x3.5 Spacer 2
C02F2504 M2.5x4 Stainless Steel Cap Head Screw 4
C02R0308 M3x8 Roundhead Screw 8


*the conversion is for WildFireD09 only