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VBC Racing USA Established! To better support our racers in North America!

VBC Racing is proud to announce the establishment of VBC Racing USA (www.vbcracingusa.com) in Vancouver, Washington. Our new location will directly distribute our products throughout North and South America only, allowing us to better support our dealers and customers throughout the region. In addition, VBC Racing USA will work directly with VBC Racing to provide design, development, and testing of VBC Racing products. VBC Racing USA is starting to ship the new Dynamics WildFire D06 to dealers and is currently taking preorders for the highly anticipated FireBolt 2wd off road buggy. 

Written by VBC Crew — July 15, 2014

Aug 2013 New WIldFireD06 option parts

B-02-VBC-3031  Titanium Coated Shock Shaft for TBB Shocks


D-05-VBC-0086   7075-T6 Rear Inner Axle (49mm)


D-05-VBC-0087   Hardened Steel Rear Inner Axle (49mm)


A-02-VBC-3033   WildFireD06 Flex Chassis (2.25mm)


A-02-VBC-3034   WildFireD06 Flex Upper Deck (1.60mm)

Written by VBC Crew — August 27, 2013

VBC Racing Introduces Belt Driven Front Wheel Drive Car Kit

VBC Racing is proud to announce the latest addition to our race winning car kits, the FF Twelve.

FF Twelve has a belt driven system which provides smooth and seamless power to the front drivetrain and it is also interchangeable to the conventional gear setup. It also features derived from our WildFire car kit, the center servo mount design. The car kit is made from 100% top quality carbon fiber chassis, upper deck and shock towers, aircraft grade 7075-T6 aluminum parts.

Pre-orders will be available in March 2013.

Written by VBC Crew — February 19, 2013

Aluminum 7075-T6 Fan Mount for VBC WildFire


VBC Racing Fan Mount for the VBC WildFire D-05-VBC-0069. This fan mount is made from 7075-T6, with adjustable tilting fan angle.

Written by VBC Crew — February 19, 2013

Center Inlined Adjustable Battery Mount for WildFire, 417, TCXX, T3/4



VBC Racing is proud to introduce the first 7075-T6 adjustable battery mount(in a set). It features adjustable slot for adjusting battery sizes and battery weight distributions. The in chassis design helps to eliminate scratching during high chassis roll corners and much better center weight distribution. The battery mount fits VBC Racing's WildFire and other touring cars like the 417series, TCXX and T3/4 series.

Written by VBC Crew — February 19, 2013

The VBC Flash04 F1 prototype

This is the prototype car. Car kit will be available for pre-order in March. Please stay tuned.

Written by VBC Crew — February 19, 2013

VBC Racing introduces 'Reinforced Type F' belt series for varies types of touring cars

We are pleased to announce our new addition to our belt series. Other than our existing 'Type SS'(Super Slick), 'Type R'(Racing Spec), we now introduce 'Type F' (Reinforced) belts.

The 'Type F' belts are special formulated for longer durability comparing to other brands on the market. These belts are ideal for long runs under extreme conditions. 

We offer 2 versions: 

For our VBC WildFire "Rear Belt Reinforced Type F for WildFire B-03-VBC-0103-177"
For Tamiya 417series, XRay T3/4series and Yokomo BD5/7series "Rear Belt Reinforced Type F for 417/T3/T4/BD5/BD7 B-03-VBC-0103-189"

Written by VBC Crew — December 28, 2012

VBC Racing Additional Suspension Mounts

We have released 3 new sets of center suspension mounts and 2 sets of front and rear mounts for the VBC WildFire. These mounts enable additional settings for the suspension angles for varies types of tracks. These mounts are made from our durable yet lightweight 7075-T6 aluminum with laser markings for easy identification.

Toe angles chart is included in the package or can be download from our website.

Written by VBC Crew — December 28, 2012

VBC Racing Two-Piece Joint Drive Axle Set

Revolutionary design two-piece joint drive for the VBC WildFire. This two-piece joint drive has one of the widest turning angle in the market. Made with heavy duty hardened steel that can withhold heavy impact and with precise steering. This two-piece joint drive works seamlessly with our included newly designed composite C-Hub.

Written by VBC Crew — October 31, 2012

VBC 'EX Slide' Ceramic Ball Bearings set for VBC WildFire

VBC Racing developed 'EX Slide' Ceramic Ball Bearing provides virtually frictionless movement and much more durable than conventional steel ball bearings. All bearings are sealed in VBC Racing red seal to prevent dirts.

Written by VBC Crew — October 31, 2012