VBC Racing

Thanksgiving weekend was the setting for the 34th annual US Indoor Championships. Racers from around the country attend this race every year to compete. VBC driver Dave Johnson attended this event to defend his title as u.s indoor champion. (Dave & vbc has won this event the last 2 years)
Dave competed in stock 12th, stock touring, and very popular vta classes.

Stock 12th: car was good, first time driving the Lightning12. "The car was awesome to drive" The car was on a good pace to be 3rd on the grid when the ballroom had some radio interference that cause some racers cars to disconnect and resulted in a DNF. Dave's 12th was broken and could not continue the weekend because of this.

Stock touring: Dave set the TQ in stock touring early with the WildFireD06 in round one, the track's grip got really high and made it hard to go faster in the later rounds. Dave ended up 3rd on grid after 4 rounds of qualifying...
In the main the WildFireD06 was challenging for first spot when the TQ of the race "tapped" and fell back to 3rd Dave was now in position to take the lead when he was involved in an "incident"
with a back marker. Dave fell back to 5th but ended up finishing 3rd. 

VTA: Dave also ran the very popular VTA class at the champs with the new VBC "Ghost" chassis!  Dave TQ'd the class by a lap ! proving that the Ghost chassis is definitely the car to have in VTA. "Very easy to drive, tons of corner speed. It's a rocket!" In the main the race director decided to run the race in reverse order and direction on the track! Dave now had to start last and had to drive the track backwards! After lap one the ghost was second in position to go for the lead. At the 4 min mark of the 8minute main, Dave was hit hard and was unable to continue the main.

Nevertheless, it was a very good showing for the VBC cars at the champs!


Written by VBC Crew — December 10, 2013