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The canadian onroad nationals is canada's biggest onroad event held in the middle of Seaway Mall in Welland, Ontario, Canada. With well over 290 entries for touring car, vta, 12th scale, and mini, this is clearly the biggest event in canada.

VBC Racing USA team driver Dave Johnson attended this event.(Dave is current 2012 U.S National Champion, and 2012 U.S Indoor Champion with the VBC WildFire). Dave ran the highly competitive and biggest class at the event, the 17.5 blinky touring car class as well as full blown open modified class.

With practice day complete, Dave had great confidence in the car. Dave set T.Q in round 1 to start the event. He kept bettering his time after rounds 2,3 and 4. resetting T.Q by 4 seconds over the other 89 entries in this class. In the main Dave got away to a good lead after 3 laps from Philippe Gelinas (current canadian national champion) who had got around Rob Say(hometown favorite and canadian national champion) for 2nd place! philippe would get within a second of Dave before Dave started to put together blistering laps (including fast lap of the main) to pull out to a 6 second lead over second place for a VBC WildFire and Canadian National Championship!

17.5 Blinky Touring results
1st & T.Q Dave johnson
2nd Rob Say
3rd Charly Gratts
Dave also qualified 3rd in the super fast modified open class and finished 3rd. Very good podium finish and Canadian National Championship for Dave Johnson and the VBC WildFire!
Open Modified results
1st & T.Q Kevin Hebert
2nd Andrew Hardman
3rd Dave Johnson

Written by VBC Crew — March 15, 2013