VBC Racing

The third round of the Belgian electric touring car nationals took place at the fast and bumpy track of RCR at Roeselare. The whole week before the race saw rain showers but come Saturday the weather cleared up and the driver faced a dry track. During the night rain started to fall again making for a slippery track surface at the beginning of the Sunday qualifiers but the track started to dry up fast.  In the EFRA class it was Olivier Bultynck who took TQ in front of Thomas Stockman and Nick Joosens. Also Robin D’Hondt was trying to go fast with the electric guys and took the fourth spot on the grid.

The first final was run under sunny conditions and Olivier once again was super fast. Nick made a mistake in the first corner and Thomas, Robin and Rico Claeys were fighting for the second place. Robin was pushing hard trying to overtake Thomas. In the fast corner at the end of the straight Robin overtook Thomas but the latter was fighting back at the next corner and took back second place. Robin made a mistake and Thomas now had Rico in tow. Meanwhile Olivier took the win 7 seconds ahead of Thomas with Rico taking third place. The second final could be the last one for Olivier but this one was not so easy. Ollie’s car seemed to be more difficult to drive than in the first final and Nick took second place from Thomas and was attacking Ollie. But Ollie could resist the pressure from his former team mate taking the second win of the day. Nick came in second and Thomas was happy to keep Robin just behind for third place. Olivier decided not to attend in the third final so that the battle for second place could go on. With the four contenders Thomas, Nick, Robin and Rico all being able to take the runner up spot this final would be very exciting. Thomas took the lead with Robin just behind. Nick was following close by and Rico was already happy with the fourth place. In lap 15 a crash at the end of the straight forced Thomas and Robin to leave the racing line but Thomas was still in the lead and Nick was trying hard to overtake. Thomas could resist and took the win in front of Nick and Rico. Robin took fourth place, not bad for a nitro guy. The overall result saw Olivier Bultynck (VBC racing WildFire) taking his third win in a row!!!

Written by VBC Crew — June 01, 2013