VBC Racing

Precision CNC Wide Shaft Gear Diff Set for WildFire/FF18/Ghost/T2/T3/T4 D0312

This new gear differential set with new wide gear shaft technology proven to minimise centre misalignment and wobbling during high revs. The new gear diff housing shaft and bearing slots are individually precision CNC machined to provide minimal tolerance. The housing, internal gears and internal gear shaft are made with carbon injected CompositeX compound which provide lightweight, long lasting and rigidity. This gear diff set is compatible with all VBC WildFire series TC, Ghost series TC, FF18 TC as well as Xray T2/T3/T4 cars.

Package contains: -

D0312 Precision CNC Wide Shaft Gear Diff Set for WildFire/FF18/T2/T3/T4 31706 Wide Shaft Gear Housing 1
31705 Wide Shaft Gear Diff Pulley 38T 1
A-03-VBC-0018 Diff Gear 10T 4
A-03-VBC-0019 Diff Gear 18T 2
A-03-VBC-0020 Diff Gear Shaft 1
B-03-VBC-0004 Seal Gasket 1
B-03-VBC-0006 Diff Shaft Sealer O-Ring 2
B-03-VBC-0005 Diff Housing Sealer O-Ring 1
C-02-SC-F2.6x10 M2.6x10 Flathead Screw 5
31704 Hard Coated Wide Shaft Diff Cup 2
B-02-VBC-0020 M2x10 Shaft Pin 2
B-02-VBC-0077 15x0.3mm Shim 2
B-02-VBC-0078 9.5x0.2mm Shim 4