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Lightning12M 1/12 Pan Car Kit D-05-VBC-CK18

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VBC Racing is proud to introduce the latest evolution of the Lightning 12 pan car platform. Following countless hours of designing and testing, we bring you the next generation VBC 1/12th scale pan car, the Lightning 12M. Applying what we have discovered while racing the Lightning 12 V2, we have created a car that is more versatile, durable, easy to drive, and more importantly, fast on the race track.

Using the latest CAD technologies, the Lightning 12M was completely redesigned from the ground up. The motivation during the design process was to exploit every possible advantage with innovative and sophisticated features. The "M" stands for "Middle" and was the main driving force behind the Lightning 12M design layout. These layout design features are a transverse battery configuration, adjustable floating servo mount, and an adjustable steering bell crank system. In addition to these features the car also has a newly designed lightweight aluminum rear bulkhead, axle assembly, multiple side spring positions, and a highly tuneable front end.

The Lightning 12M includes the best of everything and is also packed with many other features such as our ultra strong V2 composite materials and black anodized CNC 7075 aluminum components. This will give you a car which is more refined, more competitive and more durable than its competitors, straight out of the box. The VBC Lightning 12M has been designed and tested by our world class drivers to give you the winning edge on the competition and most importantly bring you to the winners circle.

New Features:

- Innovative aluminium front chassis brace with capability of filling friction grease for fine tuning the brace stiffness

- Selectable direct and indirect aluminium steering linkage with adjustable ackermann angles

- All new aluminium center shock front mount offers rigid and precise damping

- All new floating servo system

- All new graphite chassis design with transverse battery layout

- New ultra low CG motor mount - New rear axle mount with revolutionary height adjustments by using height adjustment shims

- New innovative rear axle brace which also acts as a dust proof cover to minimize dust from getting into bearings

- 18 precise diff balls for super smooth differentials

- Upgradable to 4 friction tubes for even more precise fine tuning (additional friction tubes sold seperately)