VBC Racing

LightningFXM 1:10 Formula Car Kit D-05-VBC-CK23


VBC Racing is proud to introduce the latest evolution of the Lightning FX 1:10 Formula platform.
Our unwavering dedication and pursuit of racing excellence is in many ways expressed in the newest Lightning Formula - The VBC Lightning FXM!

During the early days of designing the FXM we agreed to maintain certain design features from its popular and highly competitive predecessor.
In our pursuit of racing excellence we utilized the latest CAD technologies which allowed us to further re ne and completely redesign certain features of the FXM. Throughout the whole design process we believe that we have created a car that is more versatile, durable, easier to drive, and
most importantly - fast on the race track!

The rear pod on the Lightning FXM has undergone a complete redesign. The rear pod design was inspired by the Lighting 12M which o ers an ultra low CG, extremely lightweight, and durable.

The cross brace support is made from precisely cut carbon ber tubing. This design feature does one of many things, acts as a brace support and prevents the pod from tweaking, and stops dirt and debris from fouling the axle bearings.

Another new design feature on the FXM is the rear wing spoiler support. This wing support is machined from thick CNC 7075 black anodized aluminum with multiple wing mounting positions. Also the lower rear pod plate design has been ‘’beefed up’’ for further durability.

The new rear axle mount is accompanied with a revolutionary ride height adjustment system using precise shims This system allows you to quickly and e ectively change the ride height - No more axle height inserts!

Running underneath the length of the carbon ber tube cross brace is a precision machined spring steel rear axle. Both ends of the axle shaft have CNC 7075 black anodized aluminum wheel hubs. These wheel hubs are machined to perfection for durability, but more importantly, to spin true.

One the axle drive side we’ve improved our already tried-and-true ball di erential. The di erential now utilizes standard ball bearings throughout the entire hub and this even includes the thrust bearing. The di erential design has a special rubber o-rings which supports the di erential rings for smooth and consistent di erential action. The lightweight CNC 7075 alloy hub is coupled with an easy access spring steel end cap.
The FXM rear di erential is supported with an Axon spur gear which comes standard.

This spur gear is extremely precise and will further improve the overall differential action.

The FMX is running new short side-tubes for smooth rear pod action. The inner and outer parts are machined from CNC 7075 black anodized aluminum and with an aesthetically pleasing VBC Racing logo on the surface of the outer tube.

A new design feature for the FXM is the inner spring perch position. After testing under various conditions, we decided the FXM handled with a lot more consistency with the springs being relocated to the inner most position. The side-links have remained the same and o er smooth pivoting action for the rear pod.

The central damping location of the FXM has undergone new changes. We have included a beautifully machined TBB central damper because of its excellent dampening performance. The mounting position itself has changed allowing for a more direct mounting point allowing for ne tuning
of the damper angle and length.

The FXM allows the option of running the battery in either a transverse or inline position.The transverse battery position can be adjusted forward by 5 mm. This additional tuning feature allows the driver to adjust the FXM for either more rear traction or steering depending on the track conditions. The battery is securely located using two locator tabs mounted to the chassis

At the front end of the FXM we decided to keep the highly e ective and race proven steering design. The CNC 7075 black anodized aluminum steering bell-crank system is extremely durable and allows for ne Ackermann geometry adjustments. The servo is centrally mounted to the chassis for perfect balance characteristics.

The highly effective front suspension is another area we decided to carry over to the FXM. The easy of use reactive caster system, strong composite upper suspension arms, carbon ber lower suspension mounts, CNC 7075 machined upper arm bulkhead, super steel high strength turnbuckles, e-clip less upper arm steel pins, and adjustable wheel base 264/268mm requiring no extra parts.

The front kingpin has undergone a few improvements.. We’ve improved the upper eyelet with a new ball-end and pivot ball, redesigned the steering block stopper, and spring steel turnbuckle. Also the front end continues to use our high strength composite steering block that houses a precision ground steel axle.

In our pursuit of racing excellence we have used high-grade carbon ber materials, strong spring steel components, and precision machined 7075 black anodized aluminum throughout the VBC Lightning FXM.

* Front & rear wings, tires, wheels, inserts, car body and electronics are not included in this kit.