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WildFireD06 VBC Dynamics Edition 1/10 Touring Car Kit D-05-VBC-CK06

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The WildFireD06 VBC Dynamics Edition includes all the standard parts from the popular WildFireD06 plus selective high performance VBC Dynamics partsåÊwhich recommended by our VBC Racing Factory Team drivers frequently use for their winning races around the world.

The selective VBC Dynamics performance parts include in this kit: -åÊåÊ

B-02-VBC-3043 åÊ åÊWildFireD06 ALU7075 Chassis (2.0mm) NEW!!!
A-01-VBC-0029 åÊ åÊGraphite Bumper Top Plate
B-02-VBC-0096 åÊ åÊTitanium Coated Upright Shaft
B-02-VBC-0098 åÊ åÊTitanium Coated Suspension Arm Pin
A-03-VBC-0077 åÊ åÊShaft End Shoe (Self Lubricating)
B-02-VBC-3031 åÊ åÊTitanium Coated Shock Shaft for TBB Shocks
D-05-VBC-0095 åÊ åÊTBB Oil Sealer Cap Set
A-03-VBC-0138 åÊ åÊTBB Shock Piston (4 holes)
B-02-VBC-0136 åÊ åÊTBB Shock Spring (Green-Soft)
B-02-VBC-0137 åÊ åÊTBB Shock Spring (White-Hard)
D-05-VBC-0045 åÊ åÊWildFire Front Stabilizer Set
D-05-VBC-0046 åÊ åÊWildFire Rear Stabilizer Set
D-05-VBC-0032 åÊ åÊWildFire Front/Rear Suspenion Shim (0.5mm)
D-05-VBC-0033 åÊ åÊWildFire Center Suspension Shim (0.5mm)
D-05-VBC-0066 åÊ åÊCenter Suspension Mount (X/Y-C10)
B-02-VBC-0061-20 åÊ åÊE20 Suspension Mount


The WildFireD06 VBC Dynamics Edition includes standard WildFireD06 standard chassis and the new WildFireD06 ALU7075 Chassis for you to suit different track conditions

VBC Dynamics performance parts - Graphite Bumper Top PlateåÊA-01-VBC-0029, åÊTitanium Coated Shock Shaft for TBB ShocksåÊB-02-VBC-3031,åÊTitanium Coated Suspension Arm PinåÊB-02-VBC-0098,åÊTitanium Coated Upright ShaftåÊB-02-VBC-0096,åÊTBB Oil Sealer Cap SetåÊD-05-VBC-0095,åÊTBB Shock Piston (4 holes),åÊTBB Shock Spring (Green-Soft)åÊB-02-VBC-0136,åÊTBB Shock Spring (White-Hard)åÊB-02-VBC-0137,åÊWildFire Front Stabilizer SetåÊD-05-VBC-0045, åÊare included in this kit

The kit also includes special edition black adjuster ring set,åÊShaft End Shoe (Self Lubricating)åÊA-03-VBC-0077,åÊCenter Suspension Mount (X/Y-C10)åÊD-05-VBC-0066,åÊE20 Suspension MountåÊB-02-VBC-0061-20,åÊWildFire Front/Rear Suspenion Shim (0.5mm)åÊD-05-VBC-0032,åÊWildFire Center Suspension Shim (0.5mm)åÊD-05-VBC-0033 andåÊWildFire Rear Stabilizer SetåÊD-05-VBC-0046


Optional items included in this kit.