VBC Racing

WildFireD10 Dynamics Edition 1:10 Touring Car Kit D-05-VBC-CK31

Pre-order is available now and expect you ship in October 2017.
After many many months of developments and hard work from all our members in the team, we would like to introduce to you our next generation of our competition touring car, the WIldFire D10.
The D10 is a fully re-engineered new car with many revolutionary designs including the all new designed carbon composites parts. The D10 is with more than 80% new parts. We will start to ship in October 2017 and it is because this time is our TENTH version of our touring car, we will include a lot of options parts into the kit with the same price.
Option parts included in the kit are 
- 2 chassis (USA Graphite and 7075-T6), the new anti tweak battery mount
- aluminium body height adjuster, aluminium hard anodised front spool cups
- 2mm Carbon Center IsoFlex Linkage (CIL) for D10
- Aluminium Center IsoFlex Linkage (CIL) for D10
- 2 sets of the new VBC TBBS Springs (8pcs)
- Grade 2 hard anodised ball connectors throughout the whole kit 
and many more.
WildFire D10 new features:
- TBBS-P Progressive Shock Bodies with Diamond cut inner shock body surface to provide superb damping smoothness and precision
- Revolutionary Steering Design Allows Variety of Setup Ups with minimum tolerance, the steering mount provides adjustable offsets
- All new Carbon Composite Steering Knuckles with 3mm Graphite Steering Arms Improves Sharpe Steering
- Completely redesigned Carbon Composite Arms thoroughly tested and proven to be far more superior than the previous version.
- All new one piece 7075-T6 Aluminium Servo Mount
- New Motor Mount Design with more Chassis Roll Settings
- New D10 Chassis Design for Better Handling
- New Center Steering Linkage with Adjustable new Stopper Design
- New Rear ‘V-Brace’ designed to Improve Traction on Low Grip Tracks
- All New and Redesigned Ball Cups for more precise and smoother operation
- New Redesigned Lightweight Weight Carbon Composite Rear Hubs
- New Lower Bulkhead Design
- All new Color Tone in Stunning Anodised Black/Red finish
WildFire D10 other features:
- Full 100% USA Carbon Fiber, including front bumper top mount
- Yaiba Racing Japan Front Double Universal Joint Shaft
- AL7075-T6 Front Spool Shaft
- Lightweight AL7075-T6 Hex Wheel Hubs
- All AL7075-T6 Aluminium Parts
- Lightweight AL7075-T6 rear drive shaft and diff cups
- Ball raced anti-roll bar system
- Full Aluminium 1mm & 2mm Red Anodised Shims
- Full Carbon Fiber Bumper Top Plate
Pre-order is available now and expect you ship in October 2017.